Winter Tips For Healthy Hair And Skin

Every woman is astonished with an upcoming winter season. Cold wind, frost and temperature changes influence not only our mood, but also ladies’ skin and hair. Both of them become brittle and dry, so every woman must know how to save her beauty during the winter season.

dry skin

1. Forget about skin dryness in case you use moisturizers. Dryness makes your skin sensitive and prone to cracks, so you should adjust skincare to the season using moisturizers based on oil. It creates an additional protective layer for you to look attractive and healthy.

hair curling

2. Avoid flat irons and curling. Both of them make your hair dry, so it is almost impossible for it to cope with all those negative factors including winter influence at once. If you can’t help using flat iron, provide hair with all necessary vitamins and keep it moisturized. Quality masks and conditioners must be a part of your daily routine.

3. Eat healthily.

Our eating habits are a key to person’s health. Skin and health also need vitamins, and their amount must not be less than in summer. Consume products containing vitamin C, as it boosts person’s immune system and increases the collagen production. Citrus fruit, leafy greens and strawberry are vital for your skin to be healthy and elastic. Omega-3 fatty acid is another beneficial chemical for your health. It can guarantee you hair conditioning, wrinkle-free and elastic skin. Eat nuts, oily fish, olive oil and other products to preserve your good-looking appearance.

healthy food

4. Enhance your bathing. Too hot water, bath salts and bubbles can make your skin and hair even drier. So it is better to add moisturizing oils to create a barrier that will protect your skin and hair.

woman in a bath

5. To avoid inflamed or irritated skin in winter apply thick cream immediately after bath.

6. Dress according to the weather. Never expose your skin and hair to cold air and windburns. It is always better to keep it warm wearing a hat, scarf or gloves.

winter girl

7. Do not forget to keep all the organism healthy. Regular exercising can guarantee you improved blood circulation and good physical state of all the body. You will forget about cold fingers and toes as well as problems with skin and hair. It is also advisable to make a weekly massage and stimulate your scalp with the help of different oils.

workout girl

Though some people enjoy winter weather condition, they can be also rough on people’s bodies. It is not easy to maintain your body in good physical condition during the wintertime, but each person must find several minutes a day to take care of skin and hair that suffer the greatest during the winter season. Follow these pieces of advice to avoid problems with your body and keep it young and healthy.