Who Are the Indigo Children

Indigo Children are considered to be a unique category of the younger children on our planet. These small people have quite different consciousness and intelligence.

They are talented and their unusual abilities and attitude to the world can’t but astonish the imagination of the ordinary adults. The phenomenon of Indigo Children constantly becomes wider, these kids use to ask the questions that have no answer.

In 1978, the American psychic Nancy Ann Tape made ​​an amazing discovery: she found a child with a new color of the aura, which was blue-violet, while aura of ordinary children is gold.

That strange hint was called “indigo” by artists so children have got the same name. Later it was found out that this case was not unique and  every year more and more Indigo Children   come to our world.


They are characterized by certain behavior, high spirituality and great knowledge about the world. In the mid-’90s American psychologists Lee Carroll and Jan Tober were interested in Indigo phenomenon.

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