What Can Stars Do To Get the Role of Their Dream?

1. Demi Moore  “GI Jane.”


For the role of Lieutenant Jordan O’Neil, the only woman in the men’s squad, “sea lions”, Demi Moore has not only fearlessly shaved her head, but a few months trained at a special forces training program. Her training included an obstacle race, fighting techniques, training with free weights to build muscle mass, mountain biking, boating, swimming and much more. As a result, despite the “Golden Raspberry” award, the film became a cult classic, and the scenes where Demi presses on one hand are one of the most recognizable in the world cinema.

2. Charlize Theron – “Monster.”

This transformation of Charlize once impressed the audience and critics to the core. For the role of the first female serial killer in the United States Selby Wall Theron not only changed the appearance beyond recognition. Curve dentures, a set of weight – 13 kg, crippling makeup – these are little things that are capable for almost any actor for a good fee.


But Charlize managed the impossible mission – for a woman, who got used to feel beautiful from childhood, is difficult to truly understand the inner world of the ugly woman with her doubts, pain and hate. And in 2003 Charlize Theron got the Oscar for the Best Actress for that, not for the scary makeup.

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