Unique Gifts For Princess Charlotte

An Italian pizzeria «Zizzi», which is located in London, decided to note the birth of the princess in an interesting way.

charlotte pizza


The employees of pizzeria invited a popular artist to create a unique pizza with Charlotte, Kate Middleton and William’s faces on it.

It should be noted that this is not the first time, when the couple receive a gift, created from edible ingredients. Last year a popular brand «Toblerone» made a sweet portrait of William, holding Prince George.

This portrait contains only three kinds of chocolate: white, milky and black.

chocolate portrait

One resident of Hungary, also a big fan of Kate Middleton and her family, created the hand applique of Kate Middleton, Prince William and Charlotte newborn.

The girl said that she is not an artist, and all this is just a hobby, but she made an effort to create the most accurate copy of the characters at the precise moment when the couple appeared in front of the public.

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