Top 9 “Killers” of Our Mental Development

Would you like to improve your mind and to be ahead of all your friends? Yes? – In this case you should mind the following points as they could prevent you from achieving the goal.

  1. Statement “It is so boring!”

boring life

This phrase kills curiosity, which is considered to be one of the main motivations of your cognitive interest.

Today we think that something is quite unnecessary, but tomorrow it could be the only way to new opportunities. So don’t wait! Risk and try everything new.

  1. Monotony of the information consumed

Don’t read the same blogs, forums and authors. Do not watch the same TV programs and try not to discuss the same topic with the same people for a long period of time. Share the cycle of your interests, do not stagnate.

try new

Use your imagination, try to create new topics and tasks, forget about doing same things every day.

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