Top 5 Romantic Films About Christmas

Are you ready to save the moon, stolen by devil? Do you want to help the boy from a poor family to make gifts for the parents? What about getting married to a man of your dreams? Or celebrate the holiday at home alone?

Whatever variant you have chosen, these best movies about love, happiness, faith, and Christmas will be a perfect addition to your Christmas celebration.

1. “A Christmas Carol”

A Christmas Carol

A screen adaptation of the classic novel, written by Charles Dickens, begins with a scene when Christmas spirits were providing sparingly and cruel old man called Ebenezer Scrooge a chance to remember the most moving and exciting moments of his long life.

These steps will help him to change the terrible future and to delay his death.

2. “While You Were Sleeping”

Every morning an ordinary girl Lucy goes to work and meets a stranger, whom she likes very much.

However, because of her modesty and shyness she does not dare to speak to him. Once she becomes a witness to an accident that occurs with this man.

While You Were Sleeping

Lucy takes him to the hospital. All victims’ relatives think that she is his bride. Meanwhile, the young man stays unconscious.

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