Top 5 Most Creative Advertising

Beards are now out of fashion  

Funny advertising company Schick offers all bearded men to shave immediately.

men cat

“Free Your Skin” calls the slogan which was invented by New Zealand advertising agency Y & R New Zealand for this interesting anti-beaded company.

On the men’s faces they arranged various small animals. Beards are often in fashion, but they are not always suited to man’s faces and sometimes cause dissatisfaction among women.

Of course, to wear or not to wear a beard is a private matter. But when Conchita Wurst won the worldwide song contest Eurovision, every man certainly reconsider his facial style.

The original vegetable cutting    

vegetable cutting

As you know, vegetables are the most nutritious food, and in the fasting period they are especially in demand. In order to advertise salads in “Pizza Hut” restaurants British designer Dan Cretu created the original series of vegetable cuttings in the form of colorful shapes. These photos of vegetable masterpieces undoubtedly awaken the appetite for all fans of a healthy lifestyle and, of course, vegetarians.

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