Top 10 Romantic Proposals Ever

Do you remember the movie called “Runaway Bride” (1999)? – The main heroine Julia Roberts, having left her marriage in the van with Richard Gere, makes an offer on one knee and shoe in hand. It was really funny, but at the same time so romantic! In life, as usual, everything is much more interesting. Just take a look at our top 10┬áRomantic Proposals!

orlando bloom proposed kate bosworth

1. Orlando Bloom was not very original: he proposed to American actress Kate Bosworth, giving her a diamond ring in five carats and worth of $ 315 thousand.

2.┬áRose McGowan, actress and girlfriend of Marilyn┬áManson, got the offer, as she personally said, in the “traditional way”: in the bathroom, surrounded by candles, as a gift a celebrity received a beautiful antique diamond ring.

rose mcgowan and marilyn manson

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