Top 10 Of The World’s Best Tanks

3. Tank “Tiger”


Country of origin: Germany
Speed (max.): 37 km / h
Armor: 100 mm
Main gun: 88 mm

42nd year, World War II, Germany.  At that time 88 mm caliber was considered as incomparable power. Protection of the tank is great too. Tiger was incredibly heavy, but quick enough to maintain proper maneuverability. Intimidation from this tank has occurred even without contact with it, it was enough to mention out loud about its power. But the production of combat aircraft cost Germany quite a pretty penny.


4. WWI tank


Country of origin: England
Speed (Max): 6.5 km / h
Armor: 6-12 mm
Main gun: a pair of 6-foot guns

WWI first appeared in England in the early twentieth century. Looking at the characteristics, the first thing that catches the eye is extremely thin armor. 12 mm… Today it really does not mean anything. But in its era this tank was the only armored vehicle, and a centimeter of armor was enough. WWI was terribly clumsy and heavy, without any maneuverability. But the intimidation factor was enormous. Still, in the 20 years of the last century soldiers haven’t seen anything like this.

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