Top 10 Of The World’s Best Tanks

This rating includes the best battle tanks from around the world. While completing the list we took into account such factors as the firepower, armor protection, the ability to maneuver, easy method of production of the tank and the subconscious effect on the enemy only with its appearance.

1. The T-34


Country of origin: USSR
Speed (max.): 55 km / h
Reservation: 65 mm
Main gun: 76.2 mm

The first place of the ranking was taken by the Soviet equipment. The T-34 was the best in combat power, maneuverability and armor protection. Moreover, this tank is not so difficult to produce. And the look of the machine draws the enemy away. Perhaps the most famous characteristics of the T-34 put it on the first place.


2. M1 Abrams Tank


Country of origin: United States
Speed (max.): 75 km / h
Main gun: 120 mm

This is one of the most feared tanks, capable with only one overlook make the enemies to forget about their intentions. However, the design of the car is very complicated, respectively, expensive. At the same time, firepower and armor of this sockdolager are the best, M-1 superiors almost all tanks of our time.

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