Top 10 Hottest Bicycles of 2014

Fort. Group of bicycle fans with higher technical education that decided to produce their own high-quality bikes.According to experts, their bikes are perfectly shown up in light tourism.


Rock Machine. This is a Czech company, which produces high-quality bikes with affordable prices. This is the most popular brand in Europe.

Merida. The Japanese company, which is managed the family dynasty – from father to son. Bikes of this brand are well-known by Japanese quality of manufacturing and assembly.

Leader Fox. This brand bikes have a unique design, excellent reliability and durability. The peculiar feature of this company is that it uses exclusive components of «Shimano» in its bikes.

Cube. German brand with traditional high quality. Paint is made by technology of group BMW.

Norco. Some time ago, no one knew this brand from British Columbia, however, nowadays it is the focus of high-tech bikes.

Trek. The brand has a team of technical developers, who are constantly improving bicycle models and offer new products.


GT. This company was started in a garage – but eventually moved to the professional production of bicycles in global production scale.

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