Top 10 Hottest Bicycles of 2014

Everybody has his/her own idea of ​​a good bike. Indeed, we can be puzzled by a variety of bike brands. And in addition to this there are various riding styles and bicycle frames, significant differences in the geometry and a variety of depreciation types. All these things can drive an ordinary person mad.


That is why sometimes it is rather difficult to find out the hottest road bikes. The matter is that each manufacturer puts something personal into the products. Some of them have a secret patented technology for definite components.

But, of course, every rider can show its own independent list of favorite bicycle brands. However, it is possible to identify the most popular and high-quality.

Kellys. Slovak brand, which went all the way from a small firm – to the successful one with world popularity. Bicycles are equipped with components of well-known manufacturers from around the planet.

Ghost. The company, which has its own professional team, which tests prototypes and brings about changes in the bike structure and geometry. Sometimes the company realizes very original and successful ideas! Bicycles are of high quality and safety.


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