Top 10 Defects of the Stars

These people are famous not only because they have beautiful figure, large breast and long feet. Quite reverse, many stars have curved legs, a small breast and other defects. But self-confidence and ability to underline dignities made them real icons of style. We collected some most non-perfect stars.

1.    Large eyebrows

Actress Brook Shields and the famous top model Natalia Vodianova are known not only for beautiful bodies and talents but also for size of their eyebrows. Both celebrities have overly thick eyebrows. However Brook, thanks to natural beauty, has become a fashion icon in the 80’s, and Natalia was called a model with unique appearance.

2.    Enormous nose

The enormous nose of Barbara Streisand glorified her for the whole world. Certainly she was glorified by talent, but there were more conversations about her nose. After the first appearing on the screen, the nose of Barbara became the theme of discussions for millions of people. And people still discuss it. Meantime, an actress was starring in films and earning millions of dollars.


By the way, it is impossible not to notice her beauty. Barbara has a wonderful skin, refined lines and chic hair.

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