Top 10 Celebrities Who Visited the Madhouse

Crazy people are not just serial killers and other maniacs. Find out about celebrities who have been in a straitjacket.

№1 Lindsay Lohan

Record holder of visits to psychiatric and other clinics is Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan. Now she is passing a three-month course of treatment in isolation from the media, fans, carpet tracks and parties, as well as dangerous and harmful habits.

№2 Britney Spears

In 2008, the popular American singer Britney Spears was taken to the psychiatric ward of Cedars Sinai Hospital with a diagnosis of “manic-depressive psychosis.” And it all happened because of the meetings with her son, she did not want to give him back to the warden and closed in the bathroom with him. When police arrived, Spears threatened to commit suicide in front of her son, if they don’t leave her alone. Everything ended quickly – the doctors took the singer to the clinic.

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