TOP 10 Celebrities Before And After Plastic Surgery

For a career, fame and “eternal youth” many celebrities are ready for everything, even for plastic surgery. Some of them reduce their nose and pump their lips with gel; others increase the breast and ass. There are women who do everything at once in order to get a perfect look.

Jennifer Aniston

But let’s see, if the plastic surgery has helped them all to remove the disadvantages? Now we are going to perform a comparative analysis of the celebrities’ looks before and after surgery.

1. Jennifer Aniston, who became famous in 90-s after the TV series “Friends”, did not like her nose, that is why she decided to turn to plastic. Now this part of her face is much longer and sharper, and she seems to like it.

A little later, after breaking up with Brad Pitt, the actress decided to increase also her breast. This fact could not go unnoticed by fans and critics.


2.  Megan Fox has changed herself almost beyond all recognition. American actress tried everything. She has changed her nose, making it narrow and sharp, inserted implants in the cheeks, chest, pumped fillers into her lips and in general carried away too much with Botox.

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