The Strangest Food of the World

Rotten cheese – Sardinia

Rotten cheese


This is a particular delicacy of Sardinia, which is served on a table together with a warning given by the Ministry of Health. The most part of products contains larvae and that is why it is thrown automatically, but this decomposed “rotten cheese” is considered to be a real delicacy.

The famous chef Pecorino Sardo has defined that the so-called cheese flies can lay many eggs under the cheese crust, and namely in those places the larvae will appear in the future.

In their turn larvae feed cheese which leads to cheese fermentation and causes a pungent smell. What is more interesting and quite wisely: this kind of cheese is officially banned in the EU. Why? – Because the larvae are eaten alive together with cheese. The most terrified thing is that larvaeare considered to be excellent jumpers, so they are really able to overcome the distance up to 15 centimeters.

Rotten cheese


Despite of all these disgusting matters there are still many local people who continue to prepare this cheese, and the fans of unusual delicacies are always happy to try it. 

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