The Strangest Food of the World

If you are eating now, we are strongly recommending you not to read the following article.

What is the reason? – The matter is that we have compiled a sensational list of the most terrifying, disgusting and at the same time interesting and incredible food from all around the world.

Fried tarantula – Cambodia

Fried tarantula


Fried and crispy tarantulas are usually cooked in Cambodia. Markets and small local shops offer a treat for tourists. If you want to buy this crunchy snack, just ask one of the walking vendors. In some cases you can even play with a living spider.

Those who have already tried this strange dish say that the taste of spider’s tummy reminds the wet web which is being licked. 

Roast guinea pig – Peru

Roast guinea pig


Everybody knows that domestic guinea pigs are cute and adorable animals that are looking nice, but if you see them on a plate with rice, they will look less charming.

Peruvian guinea pig population is a food source for the villagers living in the Andes. Their meat is very nutritious and contains a lot of protein.

Usually, they are served on the table fried with head and limbs. They don’t contain much meat, and the skin is pretty tough. The taste of guinea pigs resembles rabbit meat. 

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