The Most Romantic Trains Of The World

Travelling becomes even more interesting when it is overgrown with different legends. The train has considered to be the classic transport for moving from one part of the country to another.

Orient Express

It is of common knowledge that train trip can turn into a legend and adventure. Why? – Because you are able to meet some interesting fellow travelers and to observe the various people’s lives in the most secret corners of the world.

And you can take a romantic trip, of course…

Why not going by train on your honeymoon?

Orient Express

Legendary train from the very first day of its life in 1883, on a trip from Paris to Istanbul, has awakened the mankind imagination. Train of kings and the king of trains, Orient Express has become the implementation of luxury and grandeur, which are reflected in every detail of each car. It isn’t just a train, it is a luxurious treasure of history.

Orient Express

The traditional route London-Paris-Venice is now complemented by stops in Rome, Vienna, Prague, Budapest, Krakow and Dresden. And nowadays there is one more stop in Istanbul, the administration decided to organize it reproducing its original route.

The cabin decoration has impressed with its chic interior as well as with high prices.

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