The Most Ridiculous Phobias TOP 10

Phobias are described as the irrational, often morbid, fear of something that often poses little or no danger at all. Some types of phobia may generally sound too strange to even be considered, but they are certainly not a laughing matter to the people suffering from them. Here is a list of ten weird and funny phobias.

1. Spectrophobia


Spectrophobia (fear of mirrors) is irrational fear of mirrors. This is a panic to get through a mirror into another world or to change places with one’s mirror twin. People suffering from Spectrophobia are constantly tense and avoid mirrors, though, they realize that their fears are completely unfounded. Fear of mirrors often comes from superstition (for example, many people are afraid to break the mirror, because it supposedly brings bad luck).

People exposed to this fear, are often afraid to stay in a room with a mirror, especially in the evening and at night, as they are afraid to see in it someone other except themselves. It is interesting that the majority of sufferers of this rare phobia are just beautiful women.

2. Scopophobia

The next in this list of funny phobias is Scopophobia, which is fear of being seen or being stared at. It may seem implausible but Scopophobics have this extreme dread of drawing attention to themselves. As a result, they become unapproachable.


They become paranoid of being looked at, so they want to stay at home or secluded as much as possible, totally refusing to be drawn out of their own world. Scopophobics might have caught the phobia due to a terrible experience in the past that had traumatized them for life. They might have faced rejections and ridicules because they differ from others in some way.

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