The Many Faces of Santa Claus

French Pierre Noel

French Pierre Noel

His name can be translated like “Christmas Father” into English. Nowadays Pierre Noel is one of the most famous versions of Santa Claus.

As to his appearance, this character is rather similar to Santa, but instead of deer he goes on a donkey.

Also Pierre Noel always wears the wooden shoes. French Santa leaves the gifts inside the shoes arranged around the fireplace.

Dutch Sinterklaas

By tradition, Sinterklaas arrives by boat from Spain on the day of St. Nicholas’ death.  Later, he is walking through the Amsterdam streets, welcoming all children.

Sinterklaas doesn’t have any elves, Instead he is accompanied by Black Pita, who help him to share the gifts.

Dutch Sintaklaass

Dutch Santa left the presents in shoes, which are standing near the fireplace. But there is a legend if the child has behaved badly during the year, Black Pete puts a lump of coal into the shoes.

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