The 10 Greatest Victoria’s Secret Angels of All Times

We’d like to give an enumeration of the most popular Victoria’s Secret Angels because everyone should know and see the hottest women in the universe at their very best.

Heidi Klum

  1. The “queen”, the “mother” of all Angels is unparagoned Heidi Klum. She is not only model but also well-known actress, anchor and businesswoman. Heidi is known like the first Victoria’s Secret Angel from German in 1997.

2. The first Australian model who got a role of the Victoria’s Secret Angel in 2007 is Miranda Kerr.

Miranda Kerr

 She is popular from her thirteen. In 2008 Miranda got into the top 10 richest models of the world. And in 2013 this girl took the 2nd place on top list the richest models of the world as it is written in Forbes.

 3. Brazilian model and actress Adriana Lima became one of the Angels in 2000.Also she upped Maybelline cosmetics for 6 years from 2003.

Adriana Lima

 Adriana took the 4th place on top list the richest models worldwide according to Forbes in 2012.

Tyra Lynne Banks

4. American model, TV actress and producer Tyra Lynne Banks. Wrote a book “Modelland” that tells about four young pretty ladies entered into the special school for future models that famous worldwide called Modelland.

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