Selfie Can Bring Men To Psychopathy

Selfie has already conquered the expanses of social networks. When women, who have this habit, look relatively harmonious, men look a bit suspicious.

I must say, it is not in vain. This habit does not look manly because it is not peculiar to men. Foreign experts have decided to explore this phenomenon.


Scientists, led by Jesse Fox, examined 800 men aged 18 to 40 years. Those men, who spread a large number of selfies, are closer to the borderline of mental threshold. After testing about a thousand of men, experts have concluded that the love of making camera selfie is a sign of psychopathy. The same people, who are prone to psychopathy, lose the skill to empathize and care about others, their behavior is impulsive and unpredictable.

You should not be afraid. Such people are not dangerous to society, but they have differed emotional sphere. Woman will not feel comfortable with this man.

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Narcissism is another minus of such affection. Such men would not love anyone. They love only themselves. Even sadder look those who “photoshop” their photos before posting to the network. There are those who resort to change the appearance (cosmetic surgery) just to be good in photos.¬†Researchers are going to continue the study of the topic, since the question objectivity (the amount of attention given by a man to his own appearance) and its relation to his behavior on the web, is still relevant.

People with a tendency to publish a large number of selfies get a lot of likes and comments, what inspires them to make new photos. People are interested in the presentation of yourself on the web.

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With the growing popularity of social networks, more and more people are concerned about their appearance. Dissatisfaction with your appearance or lack of attention from others, even virtual friends and subscribers, can lead to a variety of negative consequences – from digestive disorders to depression.