Presidential Elections In Ukraine 2014

Incandescent conflict between Russia and US is still urgent.  The revolutionary actions in Ukraine jeopardized peaceful relations between nations. The totals of poll had to draw a bold line in these disagreements. Barak Obama accepted the legitimacy of that poll and called it truly democratic. The state head of Russia refrained from striking claims about that event, but promised to cooperate and negotiate with Poroshenko.

Darth Vader

The US government continues to assert that Russian army forces are on the Ukrainian site.  In the interview to the French media Vladimir Putin said: “ Americans are lying. In Ukraine there are no armies and no instructors that are belonged to Russia ”. The misunderstandings between   countries are not solved.

7.06. 2014 is the day when Petr Poroshenko took the obligatory military oath and was proclaimed as the president of Ukraine. In his official speech Poroshenko announced his plans of modernization, he said that would   reunite people and recreate the country as a democratic state. Nevertheless, military operation continues in the southeast   till now.

Petro Poroshenko

The main presidential aims are reinforcement the Ukrainian power and its membership in the EU.

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