Places to Visit in Crimea

However, there are places on the peninsula that are must-to-visit for every tourist. 


First of all – The Swallow’s Nest – a castle built on the very edge of the rock above sea- that is considered to be a visit card of Crimea. You’ll definitely enjoy this unusual place of interest and will be even more astonished with the view that opens in front of you once you reach the castle on the top of the rock. Breathtaking!

If you like history and historical places – obligatory visit the city of Sevastopol which is the naval base of the Black Sea Fleet. It’s a hero-city that has a lot to offer to a curious history-lover.

You’ll find there numerous museums of World Wars, Panorama, Diorama, and for sure wonderful picturesque place of Balaklava.


If you like beaches chose one of the cities located along the Southern Coast of Crimea, known for its picturesque views and wonderful landscapes and nature. Incredible Yalta, Alupka, Alushta, Simeiz, Foros, Gaspra and many other amazing places are waiting for you and ready to share warmth of their sun and tender touches of sea waves. Welcome to Crimea!

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