Mobile Apps For Communication, Which One to Choose?

In the modern world the mobile applications become even more and more popular. “How to choose the best one?” – that is the question which is asked by people all round the planet.

Of course, everybody can install any of them, try and than leave or delete, but we’re going to make this task easier telling about the most requested ones.

Nimbuzz Mobile

Nimbuzz Mobile

This application combines all the most popular instant messengers that you might use every day: ICQ, Skype, GoogleTalk, MSN, AIM.

All your contacts are in one list in one program and in your phone!

This application lets you see the status and location of the interlocutors. The user is able to call to one of them or to a group of contacts, to share music and photos, to leave voice and text messages, even for those who aren’t online.

The application will save the user’s money – you’re able to call any cell-phone: mobile, ordinary and even make the international calls. The using of Wi-Fi is absolutely free of charge.

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