Malaysia Airlines Plane Crashes In Ukraine In 60 km From Russian Border

Ukrainian mass media informs that the modern plane was no doubt shot down. But up to the present moment, there is no confirmation of this information. Ukrainian army as well as the well-known pro-Russian separatists deny any participation in this terrible incident.

Malaysia Airlines plane crashes in Ukraine

The company of Malaysia Airlines has not still confirmed any data as to the plane crash. They have published a message in Twitter microblog that “we lost any contact” with it (flight number MH17) flying from Dutch city of Amsterdam to the Malaysian one, Kuala Lumpur. As to the company, the last time when the crew got in touch was in Ukrainian state airspace.

Ukrainian President gave a clear definition of events. He called it to be a terrorist attack.

“I want to draw your attention that we do not call it a terrible incident or a disaster. It is no doubt a real act of severe terrorism,” – said P.Poroshenko.

Malaysia Airlines plane crashes in Ukraine

The Ukrainian President on behalf of whole Ukrainian people called Dutch experts to transparent inquiry.

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