Malaysia Airlines Plane Crashes In Ukraine In 60 km From Russian Border

 On Thursday, July 17 the aircraft of “Boeing 777”, belonging to (“Malaysia airlines”), performing the flight on the route Amsterdam-Kuala Lumpur, crashed at the distance of approximately 50 kilometers from the state border with the neighbor country, Russian Federation.

According to the proven source in Ukrainian Aviation Circles, before soon entering the airspace of the Russian Federation this plane began to lose its altitude.

 Malaysia Airlines plane crashes in Ukraine

In a course of time, it was found on Ukrainian territory burning.

On the board besides 15 crew members there were exactly 280 passengers. Of course all of them are declared to be dead. The French Foreign Ministry declared that among the passengers there were at least four or even five French citizens. Ukrainian authorities were aware of 23 Americans died aboard the Boeing.

Malaysia Airlines plane crashes in Ukraine

Internet publication “Ukrainskaya Pravda”, citing its own proven sources reports: “At 16:20 connection with Malaysian passenger plane has suddenly stopped. The fright was performed at an altitude of about 10,000 meters over the territory of Ukraine within the international corridor”.

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