How to Choose the First Car

Therefore, according to the specialists’ point view, before buying a car it is recommended to visit various test drives and to try different types of driving. Also for the beginners it is necessary to determine his/her personal relation to the speed limit: if you want to go faster, be ready to spend more money on fuel. And vice versa, if you are going to save, forget about fast speed.

As for the car’s functionality, the question may be really vast. – Why? – The matter is that modern cars are able to amaze by rather broad functionality, even in the basic version, being equipped with all necessary like airbags, ABS etc.

family car

The question is that how to understand what is important and what is not? In the course of time you will find out all the peculiar features, but the beginners are recommended to pay attention to the following options:

    • the installation of alarm system. It is used so much not only as anti-theft means, but as informer of unforeseen situations (car touching, scratching, hitting etc.)
    • the setting of special protection of the engine compartment, at the bottom of the vehicle;
    • processing of the bottoms with waxy bitumen mixtures. It is usually done in order to avoid the corrosion due to mechanical damages to the vehicle and to protect it from the reactants, which are sprinkled to the asphalt in winter in order to melt the snow (especially in urban environments).


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