How to Choose Glass Frames for Your Face Shape

Choosing glasses people should take into account several items. These are:

  • shape of face;
  • clothes style;
  • color, material and design of glasses.

There are some hints how to choose frames for glasses to fit your face.

face shape glasses

Hint 1

Try to define shape of your face. It can be narrow or large, oval, round, triangular, square or in form of heart.

When you’ve already defined the shape of your face it is easier to choose glasses because choosing circle is more limited.

Hint 2

oval face glasses

If your face is oval such forms will fit you: round (it can make you look younger), square (you’ll look more representative and attract more attention), “cat eye” (this form is just for women). “Aviator” glasses are also actual for oval face.

Hint 3

If your face is wide buy glasses in mass frame, but if your face is small don’t do it.

face shape glasses

Hint 4

If your aim is to make face longer wear glasses that are wider than your face.

Hint 5

square face glasses

The owners of square face shouldn’t wear glasses of strict geometrical lines not to stress its natural form. This accessory shouldn’t stand proud of the face. It’s good to buy mild flowing lined frames. Popular “cat eye” also suits square-faced people but its outer angles should be up.

Hint 6

Triangular-faced people are recommended to wear “Aviators” with one-tone frames, not colored. Also they can wear glasses with rounded angles. Women with triangular faces can choose “cat eye”.

Hint 7

The best frame for face in form of heart is massive. Usually it’s “Aviator” form. Oblong form is favorable. You should try to make narrower the top of the head with the help of frame form.  In such question right haircut can be useful.


Weather you buy sunglasses or ordinary glasses for better vision don’t forget about these hints. Also consider color of glass and frame and clothes style. If you don’t make mistake in choosing the accessory you will look pretty and modern.