How to Celebrate Halloween This Year?

1. Dress properly

halloween costumes

Nowadays  the lovers of the festive masquerades prefer to dress themselves in many different ways on Halloween. The most common are the costumes of zombies and vampires, evils and fairies, witches and mummies, ghosts and Frankenstein. The gins, frights and all possible and impossible creatures are also very popular. These days people are beginning to forget the original meaning of this event and very often among the evil costumes we are able to notice Elvis, Superman, Hulk and other superheroes.

2. Prepare a feast for children

The modern custom of giving candies to children and put all sorts of treats at the door is rooted in the ancient time. – During the far away holiday called Samhain, which is considered to be a prototype of modern Halloween, people placated evil spirits by treats that were left at the door. But now, the children of different ages are coming from house to house instead of the evil spirits.


They wear scary costumes and cry unexpectedly: “Trick-or-treats!”

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