How To Build A Muscular Body Fast

Many young athletes are asking themselves how to build strong muscles. Below are tips for effective and quick weight gain and bodybuilding.

Progressive burden

Very simple and effective advice, you must gradually increase the burden. Keep in mind that the load should be increased a little bit. The muscles get used to loads and they cease to be a stress for them. So just increase weight lifting for muscle growth. Weight training is the best way how to build a muscle mass.

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8-12 reps

8-12 reps is the most ideal number of reps, if you want to build muscles. A small number of repetitions (3-6 times) is necessary to increase the power of the athlete, but is not effective for weight gain. It is necessary to choose an optimal weight with which you can perform no more than 12 reps, but not less than 8 reps.


You must eat a lot

During an intense workout, you are using a huge amount of energy. You cannot gain muscle mass without eating. The main mistake of novice bodybuilders is a poor diet.

Restful sleep

The sleep is very important for body building. During the sleep, a great part of the growth hormone is produced, which is very good for muscle growth. Metabolism slows down during the sleep, which is great for recovery and growth of muscle tissue.

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Do not do a lot of cardio exercises

If your main goal is a weight loss and fat burning you have to do a lot of cardio exercises. But if your goal is to build a muscle mass, it is necessary to limit them to 20 minutes maximum, and execute them immediately after the basic training.


Drink plenty of water

Maintaining the proper water level in the body is one of the major factors leading to an increase of the power and energy. Drink at least 2.5 liters of water per day. During intense workouts try to drink isotonic drinks. Also you can drink protein shakes, they give protein and restore moisture balance.