Beyonce & Jay Z’s Sexy Romance

In 2008 when gossips were backed, Beyonce told reporters: “What’s going on between me and Jay-Z is really seriously.

Beyonce & Jay Z

This is not just a love story, spread by the gossip columns, and it is not a specifically elaborated PR. We are really in love with each other. ” And it was true.Rumors about the love affairs between the Queen of R`n`B and the famous rap musician began to appear in 2002. And after the duo “Bonnie & Clyde”, recorded in 2003, the tabloids began to consider them a couple. 

Despite the numerous gossips about their relationship, they did not respond any of them. In 2005, Beyonce sharply stopped down any questions about the upcoming wedding, saying that she and Jаy-Z hadn’t even engaged
In 2007, after the question about their imminent wedding the musician said: “One day, perhaps in the near future – let’s say so.” But frankly speaking, we didnґt believe them then. In addition, Laura Shreffler, the journalist of «OK! » publishing the advertisement added fuel to the fire, writing: “They are extremely non-public people”…And then, on April 4, 2008, Bee and Jay-Z were married.

Beyonce & Jay Z

That event hadn’t been announced to the public until 22 April, and Beyonce didn’t wear her wеdding ring until Fashion Rоcks concert on September 5 in New York. 

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