Angelina Jolie Will Have One More Surgery

Famous Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie, decided to undergo one more surgery. Being at the high risk of ovarian cancer, this time she is going to remove her ovaries.
Last year Angelina removed her mammas, because she needed to prevent breast cancer and she was ready to do everything.

The actress stated that she take these radical preventive measures, because she would like to be near her six children as long as possible. That is why she made a double mastectomy immediately after she discovered the possibility to have a risk of breast cancer. Besides, this disease was the reason of her mother`s death and Angie didn`t put it off for a long time.

Some days ago she gave an interview and told the reporters she had been prepared for the new test and she is sure that everything will be OK. According to her words, she communicates with many people and hear advises which surely would help her to undergo the new stage.

She also shares her impressions with the other women to make their similar experience.