8 Warm Traditions for the New Year 2015

Each family or even every person has some private traditions. However, New Year’s rituals are considered to be rather special.


This is the most magical holiday and that is why all of us celebrate it a little bit differently.

Someone goes walking after midnight, another is going to the country. There are those who can’t imagine the holiday without sparklers, and those, who are going to fry duck with apples.

We are going to propose you some new traditions, which will definitely make your holiday even brighter and more interesting.

Let many things make you happy

Since the next year beginning start filling a prepared jar with special notes, which will contain the information about all pleasant events that have happened to you during the year.

On December 31 shake them all and read. Good mood and smiling are surely provided!

And how many good things have happened during this time! Perhaps without these notes you would forget about them!

new year house

With the help of this tradition you will always think about the outgoing year with gratitude.

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