7 Wonders of the Contemporary World


Colosseum is a popular and the largest Roman amphitheatre. It is definitely one of the most famous and the oldest monuments of ancient Rome. Many people are sure that it is involved to the list the world remarkable structures.


The building is located in Rome, namely between some geographic objects: the Palatine, Esquiline and Tseliev hills.

Machu Picchu (translated from quite forgotten Quechua language as “old peak”)

Machu Picchu

The ancient American city, located on the territory of modern Peru, indeed Machu Picchu is often called a “sky city” or “cloud city,” Sometimes it is even named the “Incas lost city.” This settlement was founded as a sacred and hidden mountain shelter by the great ruler of Inca Pachacutec a century before the cruel conquest of his great empire, that was at about 1440. This town had prospered until 1532, when the brave, but severe Spaniards invaded the poor Inca Empire. It was 1532, when all the inhabitants disappeared mysteriously.

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