2016 Year Prediction For the Sagittarius

2016 is a very eventful time for Sagittarius. All events will be uniquely enjoyable and positive. Those of Sagittarius, who will be able to demonstrate the wisdom, patience and a reasonable determination, will make impressive results.

Love and Relationships

A very important aspect of the relationship at this time is loyalty and tolerance. Of course, first of all, each of Sagittarius has to take it personally. However, try to avoid blaming your partner in all mortal sins on the mere suspicion. Even if your loved one “got stuck”, it is advisable not to judge indiscriminately, and try to figure out what was happening.


Career and Finance

2016 will make Sagittarius to be more active than before. In the period from mid-April to the end of June you should reduce your activity. Sagittarius should spend this time for rest, or the analysis of the existing situation; the struggle for the “existence” – for a higher position, for influence, etc. will not be successful these few months.


Sagittarius should get rid of some bad or useless habits. This will allow them significantly increase the potential of their physical health.

An active lifestyle and emotional intensity will need a lot of energy, so they will find out what is chronic fatigue, irritability, and even stress. Sagittarius will be faced with headaches and insomnia.

In order to feel normal, Sagittarius will have to adhere the general rules of a healthy lifestyle related to nutrition, adequate rest, a limited use of alcohol, etc.