2016 Year Prediction For Libra

This year promises to be quite successful and productive for Libra. They will become more determined, wiser, braver. Especially positive and promising period will start on September 9. At this time, Libra can start new projects without worrying for any «pegs».

However, we must warn the representatives of this sign, that Pluto and Uranus can cause some troubles, from time to time. And, in any case, don’t be upset about the complexities of life, because it would be absurd to expect that as many as 366 days of the year the life can be absolutely cloudless and perfectly dynamic.


Love and Relationships

Relationships with loved ones can sometimes create stress points. The most problematic will be the communication with someone of the younger generation (with the child, nephew, etc.) However, the situation would be recoverable if the Libra would show more communication, instead of keeping silence and showing their dissatisfaction and irritation.

The Libra can expect some great emotions in personal life. And if in the first months of the year, this will involve passion and good luck on the love “front”, they can get a strong disappointment in the second part of the year.

Parents (or other older relatives) will require special care. And don’t even try to deny them!

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