2016 Year Prediction For Virgo

Jupiter, which remains in Virgo until the 9th September, and then goes into the sign of Libra, will create an overall mood and pace for Virgo in 2016. And this pace will be good and profitable. Saturn in Sagittarius will interfere this idyll, bringing Virgos some emotional stress, making them insecure. But, anyway, this year promises to give them a lot of opportunities and chances to implement previously planned projects.

In 2016 Virgos will have to give up useless habits that have no value or benefit. Although these habits usually tend to be very reluctant to let us go. Therefore, Virgo should have patience to view the world optimistically, without irritation.

Love and Relationships


Single Virgos will repeatedly have a chance to establish their personal life. Particularly successful periods are January-February and June-July.

The representatives of this sign will significantly change their lives in autumn. They will gain a new and very rewarding experience, and this period can be called the beginning of a new phase of their lives. But, on the other hand, it will be easy to spoil everything, so taking some decisions and taking certain steps you should be guided by proven tools and techniques. And the main thing is that the relationship between Virgos and their family and especially with their loved ones should be built on openness and honesty.

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