2016 Year Prediction For Taurus

This will be a big year for Taurus – time to increase the capacity, creativity and recognition. However, starting in September (or rather – the 9th of this month) Jupiter patronage disappears, so try to realize your ambitions before that date.

You should agree that 8 months of luck is an amazing result, so in any case, it is enough time to set goals and find the resources to implement them.

Mars will have an interesting effect on the Taurus. The point is that in the moments of anxiety and distress don’t be angry with everyone and everything, and don’t give up, try to treat adverse events wisely, analyzing them and realizing that everything in life is given to man for his benefit .


Love and Relationships

In 2016, there will be plenty of opportunities to strengthen your authority among relatives, and among the environment as a whole. They will ask for advice, assistance, and Taurus will be able to help, prompt, judge. It is very important not to use your authority to harm people. If the Taurus make a bet on a positive and constructive purposes, they will receive a good response.

Family Taureans may experience problems in the relationship with their mate. They will be blamed for the lack of attention and interest to their family life.

Single representatives of this sign will have a chance to arrange their life in the best way. But try to use it in the early September, while the Jupiter is helping you.

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