2016 Year Prediction For Leo

Planets and stars are clearly supporting the Leos. In 2016, they will have plenty of opportunities to express themselves, to expand their sphere of influence. Saturn will become a constant source of positive energy and perspective ideas for Leos. Positive vibrations of Uranus will let the luck be their companion almost during the whole year 2016.


Love and Relationships

In 2016 the Leos will be able to feel like children, being taken care of with love, and at the same time they will become a reliable friend for their beloved ones. The circumstances will develop in their favor, allowing them avoid moments of misunderstanding and conflicts. The most disturbing would be the beginning of the year. Next months will be more and more harmonious.

In spring, as well as in August and September, the representatives of this sign should think about the birth of the child. Those Leos, who are planning a baby, should pay attention to these periods.

Single Leos will almost certainly wish to leave their independence in the past and decide to get married.

Leos will feel some discomfort because of frequent mood swings. Maybe this will be happening due to the fact, that moments of great happiness and serenity in the relationship will cause concern and scare, because normally our lives are far from an ideal.

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