2016 Year Prediction For Gemini

2016 will not be the easiest time for Gemini. It is time to test your «strength” and patience. Therefore, hide your ambitions until better times, and remember, that “the soul must work hard». Try to be tolerant to the difficulties, and forget about pride. The goals, which you have set for yourself, almost certainly require corrections, and it is worth taking note of.

Quiet period starts approximately in the fall. The key date is 9th September. From that day, Gemini can consider a dark strip of their lives completed.


Love and Relationships

In 2016, Gemini for sure will have some important events in their personal life. They may be related directly to the Gemini, and may be associated with very close friends. In these situations, as well as in all other cases, the main task for the representatives of this sign is to stay sincerely and honest. This is the only way to minimize the negative influence of the planets.

We have good news for single Gemini, the Jupiter will bring them a new love or restoration of old, but very dear to their hearts relations.

Family Gemini should try to extract benefits from this difficult period of their life. If they really make their soul “work”, as Saturn encourages them to do, by the end of the year they will come to the “golden” mid in the relationship with their mate.

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