10 Reasons To Be A Bachelor

Unfortunately, it often happens that the couple has been living together for several years, and even have a common child, but a man doesn’t want to marry this woman. Why? – In fact, there are several reasons.

Let us try to mention the most ordinary of them.

boy psychology

  1. Man with boy psychology

A common reason for the unwillingness to engage is the fact that a man is not ready to grow up. How can he do that if up to the age of 30 he was cared by his mother, and since 30 a woman has been doing it? A man gets used to this situation. He begins to think that his woman has to do everything for him, at any time of the day. This man is a so called emotional consumer, who wants to live without any additional problems and troubles.

  1. Social stereotypes

In female society, a married woman is a sign of success, unmarried – no success. In male the opposite is true: bachelor is a successful person, married is a loser.


For men it is not so easy to overcome the stereotype.

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